North East Foot and Ankle Surgery

Mr Rajiv Limaye - Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon

Practice Manager - Michelle Cameron


We offer high quality surgical procedures for the following problems at all our locations.

  • Treatment of Forefoot problem and Bunion- Scarf osteotomy, Minimally invasive procedures, Lapidus fusion, Weils osteotomy
  • Surgery for the arthritis affecting the foot and ankle in various forms of joint fusion and replacement techniques
  • Treatment of all foot and ankle fractures and fracture dislocations by fixation techniques and early rehabilitation
  • Surgical treatment of sports injuries and ankle ligament injuries. I regularly use ankle arthroscopy and minimal invasiove operations.
  • Treatment of tendon disorders of the foot and ankle, by tendon transfer.
  • Treatment of heel pain by stretching, physio and surgical release
  • Treatment of toenail disorders
  • Treatment of mortons neuroma by surgical excision using various methods
  • Excision of bony lumps/soft tissue swellings around foot and ankle
  • Ankle replacements
  • Ankle osteotomy for ankle osteo-arthritis
  • assessment of paediatric foot deformity
  • gait analysis

In addition to that, we undertake routine soft tissue knee surgery using knee keyhole surgery techniques.